So apparently the answer is: Yes, 34-year-old dads can rap. This one, at least, is learning how to weave his creative streak into the clutter of a new family. For inspiration, he credits his brother Channing, who had children at an early age, as well as time spent touring with Sonic Youth shortly after Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon had their daughter, Coco. “Seeing them on the road and raising a small child, it totally made sense and it worked,” Beck explains. “Making music, doing your art, and the kids being part of it—it’s kind of a given for me.”

As far as being a doting husband, well, that’s kind of why he was late today. A 30th-birthday party he threw for Marissa raged until four in the morning, thanks in large part to the knob-twiddling gymnastics of DJ Shark, a favorite of in-the-know locals.

“He had four drummers,” Beck says, shaking his head in awe. “I’ve gotta find an excuse to work with that guy.”