Details: Why did you guys decide to write this book, How to Be Famous?
Spencer: We got stardom so fast, and if we give everybody the formula that we used to get it, then there won't be so much envy and jealousy and, you know, hate. It's like if you've got the secret to a test, and you don't give it to everybody else. You ace the test, and people are mad. This time, I'm sharing the secret.

Details: To me, it seems like Levi Johnston has taken the path to fame that you two suggest. Heidi, do you have any advice for him about posing nude in Playgirl?
Heidi: Who's that?

Details: He's Bristol Palin's baby's daddy.
Heidi: Oh, I say whatever you wanna do—more power to you!

Details: Heidi, I read in an interview that you have 20 orgasms a day?
Heidi: I used to before this whole baby story line came up.

Details: So you really have to follow those story lines? You can't just have sex when you're not on camera?
Spencer: Oh, it's not up to her. I don't want a baby. Sex is amazing and everything, but if it equals a baby I can wait.

Details: Don't you think a baby would be good for fame?
Spencer: 100 percent, but if you read the book, I've got so many other chapters before I pull the baby card.
Heidi: And actually, it seems like everyone in the world is having a baby. The last time I'd want a baby is when everyone in the world is having one.

Details: Do you worry about planning your whole family around your fame?
Spencer: No, because I know if I was gonna have a baby, his reality show would start coming out of the womb. There'd be a womb camera on him.

Details: Heidi, are you okay with the womb-cam idea?
Heidi: I mean, I'd do anything to have a baby, so whatever he says.

Details: For someone who's trying to get famous, who would be the best celebrity to sleep with right now?
Spencer: Obama and/or Michelle.
Heidi: Paris Hilton's always a good one. And maybe Linsanity over there.

Details: You don't think Paris and Lindsay are kind of tired?
Heidi: No, look at Samantha Ronson. She became one of the most famous DJs—and the most famous lesbian—in the world.
Spencer: Those are franchises that will always stay connected to the tabloid, blogosphere, and pop-culture circuit. So that's like your Coca Cola, your Pepsi in the fame game.