Q: If Raditude comes on at a party, how does it affect the vibe?
A: Everybody at the party performs extraordinary feats they didn't know they were capable of—front flips, backflips.

Q: The first single, "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To," is about getting a girl to make the first move. Are you singing from experience?
A: [Long pause] I'm looking back, and I'm completely blank. Maybe it never happened. I guess that's why I had to write this song.

Q: The lyrics also talk about taking a date to Best Buy. Is that your go-to spot?
A: That line demonstrates how I'm in my own boy world. I wanted to sing "Guitar Center," but it was too many syllables.

Q: Do you expect to see a check from Best Buy for that shout-out?
A: I've never gotten an offer in advance, but after we put out "Pork and Beans"—there's a line in there that goes, "They say I need some Rogaine"—I did get a case of Rogaine in the mail.

Q: In concert, you've been covering Lady Gaga and MGMT lately—any other pop acts you groove on?
A: Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" kills me with jealousy. The melodies are out-of-control beautiful. I love Lil Wayne, too. He guest raps on Raditude. I have this a cappella MP3 of his vocal and my vocal, and I listen to it on repeat.