Details: How are you going to celebrate the release of your album Animal?
Ke$ha: I want to take everybody I love to Medieval Times or something ridiculous like that.

Details: What do you do to get ready for shows?
Ke$ha: I usually, like, get my game face on, and then I draw dollar signs all over my body and my bandmates, and then I smother myself with baby oil and dump a bucket of glitter on my body. We have to buy glitter by the pound.

Details: Do you have any tattoos?
Ke$ha: I have five tattoos. But actually two of them are fading at the moment because I got them from my friend with, like, a safety pin and a pen two months ago. So two of them might not be tattoos in about a month.

Details: Were you in prison two months ago?
Ke$ha: No, I had just finished my record, so that night we got a little crazy, and we thought it was a really good idea to give each other tattoos to symbolize such a special event in my life. So he gave me a cross. Or one could call it a t. Or an x. And then this is pretty embarrassing, but—it's fading—my friend tattooed YEAH! on my foot.

Details: What was the first tattoo you ever got?
Ke$ha: The first tattoo is an anchor I got when I snuck into Cuba when I was 18. I got that because we were hanging out with this guy, and he was like, "If you give me five dollars, I'll give you a tattoo." So I'm like, "All right, fine." He gave me an anchor tattoo because I'm a diver.

Details: I read that you were once kicked out of Prince's house. Where else have you been escorted out of?
Ke$ha: Oh, God, so many places. I went to a club opening with Katy Perry about a year and a half ago. I saw David Spade, and I always thought that he was, like, so sexy in Joe Dirt. I just think rednecks are so hot. So I was like, "Oh, my God, this is my big chance! He's, like, my No. 1 if-I-could-I-would. David Spade, let's do this!" But then he kind of brushed me off, and I was like, "Oh, hell no." So I stole his bottle of whiskey and ran to the bathroom, and then they came and found me and threw me out.