Details: Are you ever tempted to bolt?
Charlie Watts: No. It's a bit late for all that. I mean, we're going to stop anyway, one day, do you know what I mean? It's the sort of thing I should've done 30 years ago, if I meant to. But I never meant to. And why would I leave a thing that I've worked nearly all my life to help create?

Details: Maybe the rumors emerge because you're so private and press-shy.
Charlie Watts: For years I never spoke to anyone in the press or anything. Years.

Details: Really?
Charlie Watts: Oh, yeah. Because I got fed up with it in the mid-sixties, I think. I never did this. For years. And then I became aware of the load that Mick and Keith were doing—you know, to promote records or anything we were doing. And I realized I was being a bit selfish.

Details: Well, I'm honored that you're speaking to me. I hope it hasn't been too unpleasant.

Charlie Watts: No, no, it hasn't! It's been long, though.

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