Book sconce: A steel holder so you can give any really rare finds the proper pedestal. ($125, Iron Design Company)

Bookshelf painting: Commission Etsy artist Jane Mount to paint your collection—because you definitely won't own hardbacks in 10 years. ($150, janemount on Etsy)

Recycled-wood bookends: Made of salvaged Indian railroad ties, they have a certain Darjeeling Limited quality. ($53, Velocity Art and Design)

The Book Cover Archive: This website pays tribute to the art of book-jacket design, making you feel better about any visually driven novel-buying decisions. (

Stacked-paperback wallpaper: Give a corner of your home office a used-bookstore vibe without worrying about keeping piles tidy. ($198, Anthropologie)

T-shirts: Out of Print screens cover graphics onto tees, and you can bet that your favorite high-school read is part of the collection. ($28, Out of Print Clothing)

Bookshelf: The perfect minimalist holder—get one for your living room, your bedroom, and maybe even your bathroom. ($160, Voos Furniture)

Book strap: If you're the type who reads three things at once, this modern take on the classic schoolboy accessory means you won't have paperbacks floating around in your bag. ($8, Trizonya on Etsy)

Book case: When you do go digital, you can at least maintain the old-school aesthetic with this hard-sided, felt-lined sleeve. ($89, Long Live Books)

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