The first book from Igniter, the publishing imprint of Neil Strauss, the author of The Game and the godfather of the "seduction community," is an unlikely one: a sex confessional by an Iranian feminist groupie. Roxana Shirazi has slept with members of the most illustrious (and not so illustrious) rock acts of the past three decades, from Skid Row and Mötley Crüe to Velvet Revolver and Papa Roach (and many, many, many more). Her memoir, The Last Living Slut, chronicles her journey from an abusive childhood in Tehran to an adventurous adulthood spent scandalizing Tommy Lee, golden showering Avenged Sevenfold, terminating a GN'R-induced pregnancy, and ending up as a sex-positive academic.

Details: Should we be worried about a fatwah?
Roxana Shirazi: Uh . . . [Laughs] Well, I try not to think of it in that way. I haven't insulted the Koran, or the prophet Mohammed, or actually Islam in any way, but then these people can be quite volatile, and they have killed people—documentary filmmakers, journalists—just for no reason. So yeah, sometimes I do get worried about getting death threats. I'm an Iranian girl writing about sex, so...

Details: What about threats from musicians? You name names. Like, really name names.
Roxana Shirazi: A lot of them wanted to be in the book. Like, "Please, can you put what happened that one night in the book?" And I'd be like, "Mmm, no," if it wasn't interesting.

Details: You've lectured on gender studies. Why work with Neil Strauss, one of the self-styled pickup artists who have basically built an industry out of teaching men to reduce women to sexual conquests?
Roxana Shirazi: I loved The Dirt. It was like my rock bible. And Neil had really championed my book. A lot of other publishers were scared because it was so controversial. So I'm appreciative of everything he's done for me.

Details: You're very explicit about the fact that you experienced sexual abuse in Iran. Are you worried that the implication will be that you were abused, so that's why you became a slut?
Roxana Shirazi: Oh, completely. I mean, so many people go, "There's got to be a reason for a woman to be sexual." I don't know why. But the abuse is separate from the other kind of sexual life. I hate that there's got to be a reason if women are sexual.

Details: Igniter is calling you "the rare feminist groupie who was not a victim, but rather who made rock bands her victims." Care to comment on that?
Roxana Shirazi: I hate the word victim. I'm kind of an old romantic, and an old hippie. I think we should all just enjoy each other and have a great time. There weren't "victims." I was too wild to just be a groupie. I'm too wild for the rules.

Details: What's the difference between somebody who sleeps with rock stars and somebody who is a groupie?
Roxana Shirazi: Being the one that wants to have fun. I'd go to see a band and say, "I like you," and after the show, if the guy is tired, I'm like, "Go out and find me somebody else hot. Find me another rock star, because I want to get off tonight." Groupies, to me, are subservient and meek. They're basically just servicing these rock stars. I'm the other way. I want to be serviced.

Details: A guy would just go find you another rock star?
Roxana Shirazi: Yeah. These guys love me. Buckcherry wanted me to call my book Are You Fucking Man Enough? The Legend of Roxana. I'm not bossy, though. I just like it to be equal. We're all humans, and we should all have fun.

Details: Do you have any regrets?
Roxana Shirazi: Of course. Having the abortion [after being impregnated by Dizzy Reed of Guns N' Roses]. I think I felt pressured to do that. I feel bad about how I lost my head after the abortion and then put myself into some bad situations to numb and forget. But you know what? I lived and learned. And it made me stronger.

Details: You don't even regret Papa Roach?
Roxana Shirazi: No! That was really good.

The Last Living Slut by Roxana Shirazi

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