DETAILS: Blood Pressures, the Kills' fourth album, has a waltz on it. You're not maturing on us, are you?
Jamie Hince: I don't see it in those terms. That track, "Last Goodbye," has some of my favorite vocals from Alison [Mosshart, the singer]—a deadpan, Berlin-cabaret style. Coming back from touring with the Dead Weather, a full-on rock band, she became really confident with her voice, and it made me realize, for the Kills, I like the vulnerability.

DETAILS: The new album has a wonderfully dirty sound to it.
Jamie Hince: All the records that I love have been quite imperfect and have a lot of dirt on them. There's a romance about living that I really love, but I don't mean a romance about love necessarily.

DETAILS: The two of you have been playing together for a decade. What's your ultimate goal for the Kills?
Jamie Hince: When we started out, we thought it was important to have all those trappings of fame and of a legendary band. We wanted a manifesto, a mission statement: "This is what we're doing, and we will never stray from that path." And one thing I've learned from that is it's not very smart to pretend you've got a plan.

DETAILS: Did Alison's involvement with the Dead Weather affect the songwriting process?
Jamie Hince: We've always come up with songs separately. At the start, it was different rooms. Now it's different parts of the world. We work in completely opposite ways. Alison's very prolific and very spontaneous. I'm really slow and deliberate, and I'm cursed with having a vision of something that I spend weeks trying to get the sound of.

DETAILS: You recently got engaged to Kate Moss. Now the gossip rags are reporting that she wants you to stop drinking so the two of you can have a baby.
Jamie Hince: The tabloids have been interested in that side of things. When you start a band with a DIY vibe and you're breaking down on the side of the road with nowhere to stay that night, you have to live in a bubble. That's been a good education for what's happening to me now. I still live in a bubble, and it doesn't bother me.

DETAILS: Has Kate had any influence on your music?
Jamie Hince: Oh, come on. I don't want to be quoted just on things I say about her. This time around I've found lyric writing quite difficult, because you want to be honest and personal, but at the same time, you don't want to share that sort of privacy in an explicit way.

DETAILS: Surely your high-profile relationship means more exposure for the Kills.
Jamie Hince: I'm not pretending that's not there. But I've been playing my heart out for a long time. I'm not someone who's craving an outlet for my music no matter what outlet it is.

DETAILS: So you're saying not all press is good press?
Jamie Hince: The idea that more people can hear my music because my girlfriend's famous is quite absurd to me. I'd rather people get off their arse and find us instead of discovering us through a tabloid article about someone's waistline on a fucking beach on holiday.

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