DETAILS: Your acting career has been notable too. You had a well-received part in Precious and were just cast in The Hunger Games. Had you read the books?
Lenny Kravitz: I honestly hadn't heard of them before the director called me. I hope the fans don't hate me for that. He had seen my work in Precious and called and offered me the part of Cinna, who is the stylist for the main character, Katniss. He saw how I played a caregiver in Precious and figured I might be good for Cinna. I didn't have to audition, so I'm lucky.

DETAILS: You've lived in Paris for several years now. Why did you move abroad?
Lenny Kravitz: I knew I was "home" from the minute I got there. When I was starting out, the label didn't know what to do with me, so they sent me to Europe, and that's where I broke first. I remember as a kid walking around the Upper East Side in New York and gravitating toward the blocks that were lined with all those Beaux-Arts buildings. I was always attracted to French architecture, and Paris became my city. I love going to the Impressionist room at the Musée d'Orsay. It's probably my favorite place in the world.

DETAILS: Is it true that Slash was a high-school friend?
Lenny Kravitz: I knew him from the hallway, just like, "Hey, what's up, man?" We didn't meet again until the American Music Awards in 1990. He came up to me and told me that Guns N' Roses were big fans of Let Love Rule. In fact, Axl had a button on his leather jacket that said LET LOVE RULE. We started talking, and I realized he was that kid named Saul from high school.

DETAILS: You have quite a track record with women—Lisa Bonet, Adriana Lima, Nicole Kidman—but you announced in 2004 that you would be celibate until you got married. Are you still sticking to that?
Lenny Kravitz: Sorry, man, I'm not going to deal with that question. I said it, and it just got blown way out of proportion.

DETAILS: Do you want to get married again?
Lenny Kravitz: Oh, most definitely. Have I experienced enough as a single man? Yes. Yes, I have.

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