Age: 23

Hometown: New York City's Upper West Side

Résumé: Released the solo mixtape Dark York in April; Liquid, an EP collaboration with producer Boody, is due out this fall.

Signature Rhyme: "This yuppie's talking blah blah. He wants to Bink my Jar Jar/ He's twinked out. I'm like nuh uh. I'm laughing at 'em like haha."—from "Wut"

In the video for "Wut"—a tongue-twisting, horn-honking, hand-clapping track that has garnered more than 350,000 YouTube views—Le1f can be seen busting a cheeky, yet impressive, assortment of moves in daisy dukes. "It felt good to shake my butt in booty shorts," says Le1f, who graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in dance. By the time he produced Das Racist's breakout single "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" at 17, Le1f (real name: Khalif Diouf) was already a New York nightlife regular. "My mentors were all in the dark electronic-underground scene," he says. "Playing shows before 2 A.M. seems weird." He's had to adjust, as he's planning a European tour for the fall. And despite his increasingly packed schedule, Le1f has found time to record Tree House, a high-concept mixtape. "I'm working with the aesthetic of being in a forested, sexy place with songs about sex and associations with flora and fauna."

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