Nicky Da B

Age: 22

Hometown: 17th Ward (Pigeon Town), New Orleans

Résumé: Released the debut album Please Don't Forget Da B in November 2011; guest raps on Diplo's "Express Yourself," released March 2012.

Signature Rhyme: "Spread your legs and watch your back/ Go up and down and make it clap."—from "Express Yourself"

"Some say one word like 'wiggle wiggle wiggle,' but I make up words and tongue-roll like it's Jamaican dancehall," says Nicky Da B. His vocal style is a cutting-edge spin on the drill-sergeant orders typical of New Orleans bounce (hold the "sissy"). Thanks to his appearance on Diplo's "Express Yourself," Nicky, a protégé of bounce sensation Big Freedia, has become the genre's breakout star, bringing his all-booties-on-deck act to packed houses as far away as the Sydney Opera House. "I'm not the person you see on stage," Nicky says after a late-night gig in July at Williamsburg's Brooklyn Bowl, where he tongue-rolled as touring dancers and audience members—including one in a camel-toe-flaunting spandex onesie—gyrated beside him. "It's a Sasha Fierce/Beyoncé thing! Nicky Da B is a wacky character who screams and likes to be the center of attention. My regular persona is a chill little gay dude who likes video games and rarely goes to clubs. I'd rather go out to eat."

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