House of Ladosha
From left: Dosha Devastation; Cunty Crawford Ladosha

Age: 27 (both)

Hometown: Brooklyn

Résumé: Their first mixtape, Paris Chainsaw Mascara, is due out later this year.

Signature Rhyme: "Call up Donatella/ Tell her to send a heli/ Cause I'm bout to drop a milli."—from "B.M.F."

"Antonio had this fucked-up DVD of girls fighting," says Cunty Crawford Ladosha (a.k.a. Adam Radakovich), recalling the first time he met Antonio Blair (now Dosha Devastation) at art school. "There was this girl named Dosha, who got in three fights and lost every one, but she had a lot of chutzpah and was awesome." And thus House of Ladosha was born. Although the name harks back to the ad hoc "families" in drag-ball culture, Cunty Crawford says they "don't live in Harlem and go to balls—we watch them on YouTube." They make the music, while their DJ, Michael Magnan, designs clever T-shirts; one has almost faithful renderings of Tupac's tattoos (with the word CUNTLIFE swapped in for THUGLIFE). Ladosha's music is as tough as Tupac's, too, like the sound of a woman taking her earrings off—right before she pops you one. "We grew up listening to Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown," Cunty Crawford says. "All that aggressiveness is in our alter egos."

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