Cakes Da Killa

Age: 21

Hometown: Englewood, New Jersey

Résumé: Released an EP, Easy Bake Oven Vol. 1, in October 2011; Vol. 2 is due out later this year.

Signature Rhyme: "Play it back in slo-mo/ I got the kinda ass/ Turn a saint into a homo."—from "Mussy Mayhem"

"I felt people were gonna be like, 'This is just some gay person,'" Cakes Da Killa says of putting out his debut mixtape. "I had to prove I could lay my shit down." Mission accomplished, with throwback nineties beats and risqué lyrics (e.g., "I'm in need of a protein facial") singled out for praise by Pitchfork and The Fader. "I don't know why people want to focus on the queens now, but queens do it right," says Cakes, a.k.a. Rashard Bradshaw. "I don't have a gay agenda. I'm just raunchy, ratchet, and gutter. I need to work on that." When he doesn't have a mic in hand, Cakes is quite wholesome: an undergrad at Montclair State University who spent his summer as a dorm RA. He's aware of the dichotomy. "I'm strict at my nine-to-five," Cakes says, putting on a fake thug accent. "I'm out here makin' this money at a summah camp!"

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