Big Dipper

Age: 27

Hometown: Chicago's North Side

Résumé: Released popular YouTube singles like "Drip Drop" in December 2011 and "Summertime Realness" (with Rica-Shay) in July 2012.

Signature Rhyme: "My tenderloin is fresh/ No expiration date on this hairy butt sex."—from "Meat Quotient"

Working in the great tradition of hip-hop jokesters Ugly Duckling, the Fat Boys, and Andy Samberg's Lonely Island Crew, Big Dipper became a crossover viral sensation last spring with the video for "Drip Drop"—a Bambi-sampling, dancehall-inspired raunchfest that shows the former improv trouper frolicking in the forest with a teddy-bear hood on. To maintain the self-contained reality of his stage persona, Big Dipper won't reveal his real name, yet he's perfectly at ease playing with stereotypes. "If someone wants to call me a bear, more power to them," Dipper says. "I fuck bears—but I hang out with lesbians." Buoyed by the popularity of his videos, Dipper's intricately choreographed performances have become a hot ticket in Chicago, at both gay clubs (Berlin) and sexually agnostic hipster venues (Beauty Bar). And he's nothing if not ambitious: "I love bubblegum pop," Dipper says. "I try to stage my show like a Britney arena concert."

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