DETAILS: The critics have been hard on the Killers in the past. What do you think they're going to say about your new album, Battle Born?
Brandon Flowers: I'm not a big enough jerk to be able to even fathom what they're going to say. I don't have it in me. I was born with goodness.

DETAILS: You and the band have taken flak for trying to be too big. Didn't outsize ambition use to be the essence of rock and roll?
Brandon Flowers: Something happened in the nineties. There was a shift. I don't want to blame it on grunge or the rise of indie—but that was basically it. It was seen as dirty and kind of ignorant to have these ambitions, to want to be a big band. But we've never been ashamed of it.

DETAILS: Some commentators have demonized Mormonism in order to demonize Mitt Romney. How does that make you feel?
Brandon Flowers: I just wonder where it's coming from, exactly. For the most part, the first thing people I meet that aren't Mormon say is, "I grew up with a Mormon family. They're the nicest people I know." So when I see these statistics that it's the most hated religion, I don't know where they're getting that from.

DETAILS: In a promotional video for the LDS Church's "I'm a Mormon" series, you said you didn't get into rock for the sex or money. Yet those are themes in some of your songs.
Brandon Flowers: It's something that I'm conscious of. As much as it's seen as a dirty thing in art to limit yourself or to put a muzzle on, I do do that. I want to be a positive force. But yeah, it's definitely been there in some of the content in the past. I just do my best to observe what's happening around me—and to capture it.

DETAILS: Do you hang out with musicians who live the so-called rock-star lifestyle?
Brandon Flowers: I'm at a point now where I just kind of don't even go out anymore. On the road, there are times when there's a party that I'm going to want to go to to meet somebody cool, and I'll go. But it gets a little bit boring drinking Coke after a while and you just go back to the bus.

DETAILS: You were famous early on for your fashion sense, but you seem less interested in clothes lately. Have you put the feathers and eyeliner away for good?
Brandon Flowers: The feathers have been retired to the London Hard Rock Cafe. I don't obsess about it as much. Also, it's strange—the better physical shape I get in, the less I care about what suit I'm covering myself up in. I'm not really out to flaunt it, but I'm just more comfortable in my own skin.

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