DETAILS: You've been in 11 movies now, including last August's Freelancers, your second film with that De Niro guy. Do you two talk a lot?
50 Cent: We talk about business. I built the company that financed Freelancers. So, he's working for me, but it's a favor, actually—financially, he doesn't need what we're offering, it's a creative choice. When you pick a project that an Academy Award-winning actor thinks is worthy of working on, it just says that you're going in the right direction.

DETAILS: You've been having your tattoos removed to avoid long sessions in the makeup chair. Does it ever feel like you're erasing your past?
50 Cent: My entire right arm was my son's name in the shape of an ax. But my son is still my son, I love him the same. I just don't have a tattoo of his name on my arm anymore.

DETAILS: What is the biggest misconception about you?
50 Cent: I realize that because of the aggression on my first album, for the general public, that's who I am. Period. Like now, when people appreciate Mike Tyson, they go, "Oh, he's funny!" When he was a fighter, everyone only saw him in war mode. It was a dead-serious situation, conditioning himself to where he feels he wants to kill his opponent. And that's the mode I was in.

DETAILS: Fittingly, you're diversifying by getting into boxing promotion with Floyd Mayweather.
50 Cent: That was Floyd's concept for me to start a place where fighters can go without being taken advantage of. It's exciting to bring that younger audience boxing needs. Look at UFC: Fifty-six percent of their demographic is 18 to 34. In boxing, it's 30 and up. So we have to do different things.

DETAILS: In some ways, hip-hop has supplanted boxing, as far as theater and larger-than-life personalities and rivalries go. Maybe you can bring in Rick Ross or Ja Rule and show the boxers how it's done.
50 Cent: You don't know how to have an interview without bringing another artist's name into the conversation? I don't give a fuck about those people. The biggest misconception about me is that I'm starting situations, when it's other artists trying to start with me, to allow them to move up in notoriety. If you do that shit too much, people file defamation-of-character suits.

DETAILS: What's your favorite line you've ever written?
50 Cent: "Go shorty, it's your birthday." It reflects life, man. Because every day is someone's birthday. It never loses relevance.

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