DETAILS: You guys, New Kids on the Block, and Boyz II Men are calling your concerts The Package Tour. Really?
Nick Lachey: The name did not come from our camp, I'll tell you that much. We say, "Ah, 'the Package Tour'—what a bunch of dicks!"

DETAILS: It shows that you don't take yourselves too seriously.
Nick Lachey: We take what we do seriously. But by no means should people come to the show and think they're going to see a parody of what happened in the late nineties. We're not gonna wear the catcher's chest plates and goofy costumes.

DETAILS: Do you keep those old costumes somewhere?
Nick Lachey: I have crates in the attic with all kinds of stuff.

DETAILS: What's the oddest thing a girl has thrown at you on stage?
Nick Lachey: It's always disturbing when you get a pair of granny panties up there.

DETAILS: You'll probably have more of those this time around.
Nick Lachey: Well, moms can wear G-strings too.

DETAILS: How has your life changed since the band last toured more than a decade ago?
Nick Lachey: My son's seven months old. He's gonna come on the road with Dad. I'm sure New Kids will do the same thing. There's something cool about coming off stage and seeing your son sleeping in his crib.

DETAILS: How do you think today's crop of boy singers—guys like Bieber and One Direction—are handling pop stardom?
Nick Lachey: We were going through that in our mid-twenties. I found it hard to handle fame and everything that came with it at that age. I can't imagine how it is to handle it when you're 18, 19, and in the world we live in now, with social media and knowing where everyone is. It's not about Tiger Beat anymore—it's all about Instagram.

DETAILS: In Kardashian Konfidential, Kim traces her fame to a date with you in 2006 that showed up in the tabloids the next day. Can we blame you for her ubiquity?
Nick Lachey: That's one way to interpret it. Let's just say this: We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside. [Laughs] There are certain ways to play this game, and some people play it well.

DETAILS: She also had some help from that sex tape.
Nick Lachey: Yeah, well, that was already in the can.

DETAILS: People forget how huge your reality show, Newlyweds, was. Has anyone approached you to do a reunion with Jessica?
Nick Lachey: No. They probably know better than that.

• • •

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