"God has blessed me with a success that I don't understand," he tells the 60 or so people assembled in the chapel-like classroom. "I live every day wondering: Is this right? Is this where I'm supposed to be?" He tells them they'll all face this same dilemma when they break into the industry, where their new mission field is full of false idols—and lest they risk being cast out of the tribe, they'd better learn to kneel before them.

"The guys who come out of this program, if they do it right, are going to be the guys greenlighting the next Freddy vs. Jason," says Jonathan Bock, president and founder of Grace Hill Media, the Christian PR firm Sony hired to grass-roots market The Da Vinci Code. "There's been a lot of discussion about whether they'd do that—and I think the answer is yes, they would. But that's just one movie. There are other ways to influence the business."

Like making sure no one has to suffer the sight of Pinocchio's thong-cleaved butt cheeks ever again.