But outside the tavern, he is systematically being written out of the Haider story. After the crash, Claudia Haider asked police for new toxicology tests, and she continues to press for further investigation, saying Haider was not drunk. Several BZÖ officials have reportedly suggested he may have been drugged. Far-right websites, too, are fueling speculation. Perhaps he was assassinated by political rivals fearful and jealous of his resurgence. Possibly it was the Slovenes. Or maybe the Mossad engineered the crash; the Israeli government had long vilified Haider for his anti-Zionist rhetoric and his ties to Arab dictators.

Petzner is the only one who knows what he and Haider said to each other the night of the crash. His candor might help dispel any talk of assassination, but then again it might be met with denial (as his earlier comments were), alienate the last people willing to embrace him, or put him in grave danger.

Despite Petzner's fears, he dismisses the Fascist faithful's need to chase each new conspiracy theory, and responds to Claudia Haider's request for new blood tests with cold, knowing disdain. "That is a story for old ladies," he says, "not for me."