"We got new subpoenas yesterday," he says. "They say they're going to confiscate our electronics—cell phones, computers, Xboxes, iPods, anything with a hard drive. It's an intimidation game. It's not working."

Beyond a confrontation with campus security over the MEN'S and WOMEN'S signs that suddenly disappeared from bathroom doors and the arrest of four kids during a march through Boystown, a gay neighborhood, the weekend is mostly hassle-free. "This has been awesome," Maxxx says.

As he speaks, DePaul couples dressed in evening gowns and tuxedos file toward the student-union building for a sorority event. "Do you see that shit?" Maxxx asks. He scratches his head as the partygoers pose for pictures, warbling hellos at one another while shooting leery glances our way. The air crackles with the friction of mutual distaste. "I'm feeling very awkward," he says. "I'm going to find my people."