Talamo with his girlfriend Elizabeth.

Details: Your girlfriend, Elizabeth, is the daughter of trainer Ron Ellis? That's kind of like dating the boss's daughter, isn't it? I mean you screw up just once, he puts the word out, and bang, you never get another mount.
Joe Talamo: Well I don't ride for him anyway, so it doesn't matter. [Laughs.]

Details: I figured as much. But it is sort of a small racing community.
Joe Talamo: Yes and no. Everybody kind of talks about everyone, but that's one thing about me, I kind of leave my personal life off the race track. So it's hard for them to say much.

Details: I'm curious about the off-the-track stuff. I heard that you used to shop for clothes in the boys' department of department stores to save money.
Joe Talamo: Oh yeah.

Details: I hope you don't have to do that anymore.
Joe Talamo: Uh, I still do, I'm pretty tight. [Laughs.]

Details: You live near Santa Anita Park. Where does someone who is 5'3", 105 pounds shop in L.A.?
Joe Talamo: I'll be honest, I don't really like to shop too much. I'll go out one day and buy 20 pairs of jeans, 20 shirts, stuff like that. I went to Hong Kong in December and loaded up on a bunch of real nice shirts and suits. I should be set for quite a while.

Details: Is there a tailor in L.A who specializes in designing clothes for jockeys?
Joe Talamo: Yeah, Jimmy Au. He specializes in guys 5'8" and under.

Details: Have you been to visit him?
Joe Talamo: Oh yeah, I've been there a few times. He specializes in suits and dress clothes.

Details: I'm assuming since it's L.A., you travel with an entourage. Who's in your entourage? Conan? Kobe? Leo?
Joe Talamo: [Laughs.] Yeah, all of the above.

Details: Do you get to go out much at night?
Joe Talamo: Uhhh a little bit. You know, if I win a big race or something, I go out with the owners or maybe my girlfriend. Once a week or something like that, I'll go out to dinner. But I'm kind of laid-back, I like to cook dinner at home, watch TV, hang out.

Details: I know that the L.A. Lakers have groupies. Do jockeys have groupies?
Joe Talamo: Oh yeah. They have plenty. They seem to come out the woodwork.