Details: It must have been hard to take the high road when the Dove Outreach Church put a message on its sign that read "No Homo Mayor." Didn't you ever want to leave a message on their lawn?
Craig Lowe: [Laughs] Well, it's their lawn, I'm not going to put anything on there. I will be mayor to all of Gainesville, but I will work to ensure that everyone in Gainesville is treated equally and fairly.

Details: Does that include William Sapp, another town pastor? I saw a YouTube video where this guy hurled various gay slurs at you.
Craig Lowe: Yes, but I will ensure that he will not be able to force discrimination upon anyone else—which is what he is really seeking. His agenda goes against every fiber of my being. There are things that have occurred there that the legal system will have to deal with, such as that church's tax-exempt status due to participation in political campaigns, and that's actually between him and the IRS.

Details: Obviously it was offensive, but as an aficionado of church signs, I have to say that Dove's slogan—"No Homo Mayor"—didn't even seem that creative.
Craig Lowe: Would you expect something more articulate in a message like that? I would not. It sort of reminds me of when I was running for eighth-grade president and I happened to walk by a sign in the hallway that said "No to Homo Lowe." And frankly, that's before I even came out. It sort of reminded me of how really immature that type of message is, and that's how I considered this sign. That's such a fringe of our community and definitely not reflective of Gainesville.

Details: Does a candidate for mayor in Gainesville have to reflect his community by being a Gators fan?
Craig Lowe: Well, I am a Gators fan, but I will say that I do hold allegiances to the University of Georgia, which is another institution that I attended. I am an alumnus of both the University of Georgia and the University of Florida.

Details: The University of Georgia? Now that could've been something they used against you—
Craig Lowe: [Laughs] Perhaps, but I guess they didn't think that was as much red meat as that other thing.

Details: Did you ever try to get an endorsement from Tim Tebow? That could've made it a landslide.
Craig Lowe: [Laughs] Well, not actually. There was that Super Bowl ad, but I'm not sure how political he really goes. I'm not going to try to play football, and it doesn't appear like he'll try to play politics.

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