Basketball had Dennis Rodman. Baseball has Manny Ramirez. But football doesn't yet have a player better known for his hairstyle than for his gridiron game. At least not officially. That's why Head & Shoulders is running a bracket-style tournament in which former NFL players and coaches are competing for who has the most iconic 'do. The front runner is, not surprisingly, Head & Shoulders spokesperson Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers. You may not think your hair routine has much in common with a guy who wears a helmet for a living, but Polamalu's styling regimen is perhaps more extensive than your own. "I put way more time into my hair than football players should," he says. "I can't go two days without conditioner." But maybe not enough to win the beauty contest. Here are some of his coif competitors.


The former Chicago Bears quarterback's hairstyle—a mohawk he accessorized by putting a headband around it—gave rise to a few nicknames, including "Bruce Springsteen of the NFL." Of McMahon, Polamalu says, "He had eighties trendy hair, with lines shaved into it and all of that. I don't think it would look good on me."


Polamalu was once jealous of former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson's windswept coif. "Growing up I always wanted that flat top," Polamalu says, "but all of the barbers told me, 'Sorry, son, you don't have that kind of hair.'"


As a linebacker for the University of Oklahoma, Bosworth shaved his head and colored what remained orange when the Sooners made the Orange Bowl. "I never thought it would attract the attention or craze that it did," Bosworth once said. "But if you ask my coaches, I believe you will find that I played just as hard without the hair as I did with."

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