This month, Blair turns up again in The Sweetest Thing, which concerns a raunchy club hopper (Cameron Diaz) who turns to her girlfriends (Blair and Christina Applegate) for help trying to land Mr. Right. Apparently, the set was yet another lesbian-fantasy session. "They're pretty hot girls—I wouldn't mind romping around with those two," Blair says. "No, no, just kidding. We did what girls always do: We talked about guys, discussed penis size—if they're lucky, we say it's big."

Blair's childhood sounds like urban Jane Austen: She and her three older sisters—Mimi, Katie, and Lizzie—were raised in Southfield, Michigan, by their mother, whom Blair describes as a "damn sexy" federal judge. After graduating with a fine-arts degree from the University of Michigan, she took off for New York, thinking she'd be a photographer or an actress, whichever worked out. In the short term, what worked out was broke, waiting tables, and sleeping at the Salvation Army. "I was so poor I had to choose between beer and a sandwich for lunch," Blair says. "And I'd think, is cheaper, and I'll get a buzz, so beer it is." Fortunately, an agent caught her in an acting class and Blair was able to upgrade her diet. Solondz had a similar reaction: "Selma really popped out at me when I met her," the director says. "She makes the text richer than you thought it would be."

Though Blair posed nude for student painters in art school, when asked about the art of onscreen exposure, she tends to draw attention to her stick-thin frame and distinct lack of boobage. Like any smart woman, she can turn what could have been a physical liability (in some eyes, at least) into a charming mea culpa. "I'm a tomboy!" she screams at her chest. "No, I'm kidding. But I think my body type is probably a little odd to see on screen. I don't have that curvy figure, and no implants. I don't get asked much to do your typical sexy nude stuff because the American public wouldn't know what to make of me."

At least Hollywood hasn't sucked all the humor out of her, like it does to certain young actresses (insert mental picture of Leelee Sobieski reading her 9-11 prose poetry on Leno). When offered an opportunity to share any final thoughts, Blair ends the afternoon with her own pomo haiku: "If your readers ever want to see me, I'm stripping Monday nights at Crazy Girls in Hollywood and I go by the name of Lucky," she says with mock earnestness. "You'd hardly recognize me! And if they have the teen crowd in, I wear my Manchester Prep costume from Cruel Intentions, and I take it all off."