LaBute saw the drawing power firsthand, when he cast Weisz in Things. Even though the show was debuting in London, he couldn't imagine picking a Brit for the very American role of the manipulative art student Evelyn, but Weisz so impressed him at her reading that he signed her up then and there. The play drew big audiences, and LaBute was under no illusions about why so many men were buying tickets.

"I can't tell you how many fucking Mummy posters I saw at the back door," he says. "I mean, they weren't holding pictures of Brendan Fraser for her to sign."

In any case, the making of Weisz's star is not entirely up to her, reminds her Envy co-star Jack Black.

"She hasn't had her 'You had me at hello,'" Black points out. "She hasn't had her Legally Blonde. But that's the lightning striking, that's not because an actor is great. Things need to fall into place."

Weisz is now in the midst of some serious at-home decompression from her binge of work, but she'll dutifully trot out to cog the publicity machine for all her pictures. She doesn't love it, but she's not bitching about it, either.

"You know, my main thing is, if you're working as an actor, you have no right to complain about anything," she says. "When you're working, you're working a lot, but you can't complain. You just can't."