So now she says she's too busy working to date anyone, not JC Chasez of 'N Sync, not NFL quarterback Tom Brady, nor any other guy. She'd like to model her trajectory on Reese Witherspoon's or Drew Barrymore's. She wants to be known for something more than how fast she puts away a six-pack. To that end, Reid's latest film, a comedy out this month called My Boss's Daughter, was co-produced by and co-stars Ashton Kutcher. Advance buzz on the film isn't great—it's been on the shelf for two years—but anything connected to the Punk'd man of the moment could be fortuitous. Her new work, she says, will prove that she can act, thank you very much.

Everyone who works with Reid says she's determined to turn her booze cruise around. "It's easy to say 'Ugh, those pretty girls have it easy,'" says Daughter co-star Molly Shannon. "But I found out she's a tough girl from New Jersey who's made her own way in Hollywood." Adds Daughter director David Zucker (Airplane!), "I expected, from her reputation as a party girl, that she could easily have been a bitch. But Tara has a sunny personality. I never had to worry about her. And believe me," he says, "if the only thing good about her was that she didn't bump into furniture, I would say it."

It's last call for Tara Reid, and she wants the last word. "I don't want to change my personality," she says, sitting forward on the couch, cigarette lit, head cocked to one side. "But I want to change the party-girl-drunk thing. I want people to know that this was a girl who has plans, has focus, and she's going to get what she wants." And? "I want to get it out there I'm not always drunk. If a girl wants to go out and have fun, let her."