It's not like everything was so great when she was 24. Early in Hannah's career, filmmakers and audiences stood in awe before her beauty like some tribe of pygmies who'd never encountered a five-foot-ten blonde. Hannah's looks became a typecasting trap. "I was always told I was too pretty, that I didn't look like a real person," she says. "The girlfriend role was pretty much all I got. It wasn't like I turned down Merchant-Ivory films so I could be in Summer Lovers."

Two decades after giving Harrison Ford a beat-down as Blade Runner's punked-out replicant Pris, Hannah proves she still has the goods in Kill Bill's elaborately choreographed fights, for which she trained with Hong Kong martial-arts masters. "Unfortunately, Quentin saw Jackass before we shot my fight scene, and it inspired him," she says. "I had my head flushed down the toilet, a lamp smashed in my face, got thrown through a wall. He got a kick out of tormenting me."

At least Hannah isn't getting the head-in-the-toilet treatment from the tabloids anymore. After years of being written off as a has-been, getting heralded as an is-again takes getting used to. "I don't know why so much stuff is suddenly coming my way," Hannah says happily. "But, you know, I just roll with it."