The bad news about this: Beyond a quickie, 11-month marriage to rocker Cinjun Tate in 1999 and a previous engagement to Party of Five star Scott Wolf, Milano has taken a fancy to baseball players. Her last three boyfriends—Carl Pavano, Barry Zito, and Brad Penny—have all been Major League pitchers.

“I’ve gotten such shit about my dating choices,” she says. “Like, every single article about the great achievement of the clothing line is also about how I’m ‘the chick that dates athletes,’ and there’s an insane double standard going on.” As she wrote in a recent MLB blog entry, “There are many MLB players . . .who have dated many Screen Actors Guild members. I won’t name names (cough Derek Jeter cough). And yet, these guys are considered cool . . . [but] women who have dated more than one guy in any profession are easy targets for ridicule. . . . And I ask you this—what girl in her right mind wouldn’t want to date a ball player?”

The good news about this: The girl no guy ever got over might not be such an unattainable fantasy after all. Milano says she’s sworn off athletes. Her current fantasy? “I’d love to just find a good plumber or doctor.”