Luckily, conflict resolution is one of her areas of expertise—and what she enjoys most about the role of producer. “I’m bitten by the bug,” she says. “Trying to put things together and problem-solve. That’s definitely what I’m like.”

Bell recently applied those skills to her social life, throwing a birthday party for herself in Los Angeles in March; she says it “was so much fun because it was all crazy bitches.” The invite list included Over Her Dead Body costar Eva Longoria and Miss Match costar Alicia Silverstone. She also recently engineered a trek to Urban Outfitters with her new friend Diaz. There was practically a press line outside when the spree ended.

When it comes to her career, Bell tries to plan a little less. “Part of the reason I like to know where my cutlery is is because it’s pretty much the only thing I can control,” she says, after rearranging the table setting in front of her into a more aesthetically pleasing formation. "In my career it’s like, the auditions come to me, I get what I can get, you know—whatever is meant to be will be."