Assuming you're tired of lacing on the duck boots and venturing out to the local bar, these cocktail accessories will make your at-home liquor consumption look and feel a whole lot swankier.

1) Bottle Opener
Made of wood and brass, this pseudo-art piece will go well with your Q Tonic.
($8.50, Velocity Art and Design)

2) Muddlers
If you can't decide among the three styles, it's okay to start a collection and get wild with the mint.
($22, Jayson Home & Garden)

3) Spherical Ice Tray
Yes, the idea of crafting cocktail-specific ice is absurd and pretentious. But you'll forget all that when you have a perfectly chilled drink in your hand.
($16, MoMA Store)

4) Bitters
It's hard not to get creative when you have nine flavors—including rhubarb and chocolate—on hand.
($51.50, KegWorks)

5) Cocktail Book
The 750 concoctions in this manual, originally published in 1930, are culled from the bar at the stylish Savoy Hotel in London, and you won't need any now-defunct ingredients to make them.
($19.95, Powell's Books)

6) Coasters
Not the least bit uptight, these table-savers send the message that you use coasters because that's just what grown-ups do.
($24 for 6, Commune)

7) Ice Tongs
For less than the price of martini olives, you can convince any guest that you're a bartending whiz.
($3.95, CB2)

8) Glasses
Three words: hand-cut crystal.
($375, The Future Perfect)