You may be working with top-shelf liquors, but if you really want your drinks to wow people, you need to invest in the right mixers and accessories. Thankfully, there are now cocktail-centric stores that can outfit you with all the gear you need.

1. Cocktail Kingdom
The mastermind behind this online emporium is responsible for bringing forgotten cocktail manuals back from the dead. Pick up a reproduction of the 1895 classic The Mixicologist and an elegant Japanese mixing glass and get cracking.
The Buy: Seamless Yarai mixing glass ($50)

2. The Boston Shaker
You won't find booze in this joint, but you can stock up on swanky silver julep cups, full-bodied Regatta ginger beer, and pretty much any sort of bitters known to man.
The Buy: Urban Moonshine maple bitters ($12 for 2 oz)
(69 Holland St., Somerville, Mass., 617-718-2999;

3. Cask
One-stop shopping is the draw: Not only does this spot stock first-rate spirits, but it also carries a slew of handcrafted extras—like all-natural grenadine.
The Buy: Small Hand Foods pineapple gum syrup ($12)
(17 Third St., San Francisco, 415-424-4844;

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