1) Spice grinder: Add your herbs, give it a whirl, and keep your prep station free of clutter. ($65, Canoe)

2) Solar-powered radio: When charged, this device delivers up to seven hours of tunes—because it's not worth hauling the iPod dock and extension cord outside. ($32, Brook Farm General Store)

3) Bamboo plates: As sturdy as Styrofoam but with some eco cred. ($12.50, The Conran Shop)

4) Chopping boards: Labeled to keep your chicken juices away from your asparagus spears. ($70, MoMA Store)

5) Stainless-steel "soap": To get rid of the garlic and onion odors on your hands, reach for this suds-free hunk of metal. ($14, Uncommon Goods)

6) Denim apron: Rather than wear a classic cook's apron, keep your James Perse T-shirt stain-free with a denim one from the workwear outfitter Pointer Brand. ($13.25, Pointer Brand)

7) Grill tweezers: Unlike plastic-tipped tongs, these suckers have grip—and are as adept with delicate vegetables as they are with hearty cuts of meat. ($45 for small, A+R Store)

8) Sauce bucket and mop: For when you're serving some serious, sloppy barbecue. ($18, Sur La Table)

9) Cow tray: This handmade platter looks like fabric, but it has a plastic coating that can withstand sticky marinades. ($108, Velocity)

10) Grill brush: A three-in-one gadget to keep your summertime best friend—your barbecue—in top shape. ($6.95, ChefTools)