Who says you've got to make your own mortadella, preserve your own tuna, and bake your own focaccia to create a transcendent lunch? With these at-home renditions of masterpieces from sandwich-savvy chefs, you can impress an afternoon guest in a matter of minutes.

The Gam (pictured right)
Saltie in Brooklyn (378 Metropolitan Ave., 718-387-4777; saltieny.com)
A modern take on the ham-and-cheese sandwich with minced cornichons, sliced Gruyère, and pickled tomatoes layered between pillowy Parker House Rolls.
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Fried Mortadella Sandwich
Olympic Provisions in Portland, Oregon (107 SE Washington St., 503-954-3663; olympicprovisions.com)
A quick and easy brioche sandwich stuffed with hearty slices of mortadella, fresh escarole leaves, and Dijon.
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Tuna Niçoise Sandwich
Grahamwich in Chicago (615 N. State St.; grahamwich.com)
A killer Tuna Niçoise Sandwich that's layered with tuna salad, olive tapenade, roasted red pepper, haricots verts, and medium-boiled eggs.
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