Plow & Hearth Magnetic BBQ Light
The days are getting shorter, but the party doesn't have to end. This flashlight attaches to your grill or spatula for twilight grilling.

Richard Schultz Fresh Air Dining Chairs
From $925 each
Break away from the expected teaks with a set of these powder-coated aluminum or stainless-steel beauties.

Crate and Barrel Cold Beverage Jar With Stand
Sure, you can stock a cooler full of beers, but this glass jar—with its stainless-steel spigot and iron stand—opens up the beverage possibilities to a sangria or rum punch that's thirst-quenching and impressive.

Skitsch Seatbelt Ting Sling Hammock
The aprés-meal nap is as important an issue as the cut of meat and sunset soundtrack. This hammock is smartly woven from recycled seat belts.

Focus Diagofocus Barbeque/Outdoor Fireplace
Nothing elicits an "I'm just going to step inside" faster than a smoke cloud hovering over the yard. This grill also functions as a funnel and wind guard to keep the flames contained and your guests breathing easy.

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