Southern Favorites
The cookbook-writing Lee brothers also peddle Dixie icons (MoonPies from Tennessee) and rarities (canned creecy greens from Kentucky).
Ultimate Southern Pantry, $285 for one year;

Make your mornings better with fresh-roasted beans from fincas in El Salvador and mills in Sumatra.
Single-origin subscription, $155 for six months;

Savor the specimens from the temperature-controlled caves below Formaggio Kitchen's Massachusetts shop.
Cheese of the Month Club, $534 for 12 months;

Cured Meats
The motto on chef Chris Cosentino's website says it all: "Tasty Salted Pig Parts," from salumi made with wild fennel and orange to spreadable Calabrian nduja.
Salumi Society, $58 a month;

Gourmet Specials
Enjoy the pleasures of Zingerman's Michigan deli with an array of eight to ten culinary surprises like small-batch olive oils and chocolates.
Culinary Adventure Society, $600 for four seasonal shipments;

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