1 | Salazon Chocolate
Eldersburg, Md.

Bean Origins: Dominican Republic and Ecuador
The Bar to Taste: Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Organic Turbinado Cane Sugar, the choice for fans of sweeter treats, which laces salted dark chocolate with grainy sugar for crunch.
$4; salazonchoc.com

2 | Potomac Chocolate

Bean Origins: Costa Rica
The Bar to Taste: Upala 70% Nib, a smooth dark chocolate studded with cacao shards, featuring a long finish that tastes of berries and caramel.
$7; potomacchocolate.com

3 | Olive and Sinclair
Nashville, Tenn.

Bean Origins: Ghana, Dominican Republic, and Panama
The Bar to Taste: The Cinn-Chili style, in which a dash of Ceylon cinnamon and a pinch of salt punch up the heat of the chilies, rendering it perfect for hot chocolate.
$6; oliveandsinclair.com

4 | Mindo
Dexter, Mich.

Bean Origins: Ecuador
The Bar to Taste: The intense 77% Dark Chocolate, a single-origin bar crafted from heirloom Nacional cacao fermented close to its source.
$7.25; mindochocolate.com

5 | Taza Chocolate
Somerville, Mass.

Bean Origins: Mexico and Dominican Republic
The Bar to Taste: Vanilla Bean Chocolate Mexicano, a combo of dark chocolate—stone-ground in a Oaxacan molino—and Costa Rican vanilla pods.
$4.50; tazachocolate.com

6 | Sweeteeth
Charleston, S.C.

Bean Origins: Colombia
The Bar to Taste: The PB&C, a complex concoction of peanut butter, chipotle peppers, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and pink Himalayan salt.
$5; sweeteethchocolate.com

7 | Vice Chocolates
Oakland, Calif.

Bean Origins: Venezuela
The Bar to Taste: Fig and Anise Seed, a blend of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and anise, making it an ideal add-on to a cheese plate.
$5; vicechocolates.com

8 | Madecasse
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bean Origins: Madagascar
The Bar to Taste: The creamy Milk Chocolate slab is made from beans grown just miles from the African factory and ground for up to 48 hours to preserve the flavor.
$6; madecasse.com

9 | Patric
Columbia, Mo.

Bean Origins: Madagascar and Venezuela
The Bar to Taste: In-NIB-itable, a contrast of silky chocolate and crunchy cocoa nibs.
$8; patric-chocolate.com

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