El Maestro Sierra Amontillado 1830 Vinos Viejos VORS Sherry

Bottles produced: Unknown
Bottles remaining in the U.S.: Roughly 90
Matured at least 50 years, this fortified wine emerges with a gauzy lightness.
$90; chambersstwines.com

Bonal Gentiane-Quina

Bottles produced: 480
Bottles remaining in the U.S.: About 430
A rich infusion of gentian root and herbs stiffened with quinine, this 19th-century aperitif can be swapped in for sweet vermouth in cocktails.
$20; crushwineco.com

Black Tot Last Consignment British Royal Naval Rum

Bottles produced: 1,000
Bottles remaining in the U.S.: 300
Mothballed in 1970, a stockpile of this West Indian rum was reclaimed in 2010.
$1,030; drinkupny.com

Auchentoshan 1975 Bourbon-Matured Single-Malt Scotch

Bottles produced: 500
Bottles remaining in the U.S.: 24
Woven with vanilla sweetness and wisps of smoke, this triple-distilled marvel is aged in old bourbon barrels.
$750; parkaveliquor.com

Compass Box Double Single Blended Scotch

Bottles produced: 876
Bottles remaining in the U.S.: Fewer than 50
Fusing an 18-year-old Glen Elgin single-malt and a 21-year-old Port Dundas grain whiskey yields a pear-and-vanilla note that makes other blends seem brutish.
$163; compassboxwhisky.com

Royal Tokaji Essencia 2000 Wine

Bottles produced: 2,050
Bottles remaining in the U.S.: Fewer than 50
Muscat, Fermint, and Hárslevelú grapes are combined and fermented for seven years to produce this fruity Hungarian dessert wine.
$571; wilsondaniels.com

Paul-Marie & Fils Borderies Cognac

Bottles produced: 346
Bottles remaining in the U.S.: About 150
Five decades in oak accounts for the intensity and refinement of this single-barrel, unfiltered, cask-strength brandy from the relatively unsung Borderies region of Cognac.
$600; klwines.com

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