1. Rum | Berkshire Mountain Distillers Ragged Mountain Rum

"Rum was distilled all over New England from the late 18th to the 20th century, and this brings back some of that history with a bold, pot-stilled flavor."
$28; hitimewine.com

2. Gin Liqueur | Averell Damson Gin Liqueur

"The distiller has updated the traditional English spirit with the juice of Damson plums grown in the Finger Lakes region, creating a tarter, fresher taste."
$30; astorwines.com

3. Absinthe | Marteau Absinthe de la Belle Epoque

"The guy who makes this, Gwydion Stone, is one of the world's experts on absinthe. His version has that stops-you-in-your-tracks quality."
$80; klwines.com

4. Agave Spirit | St. George Agua Azul Reposado Agave Spirit

"The distiller imported blue agaves from Mexico, then crushed, fermented, and distilled them into an aromatic delicacy. You can't technically call it tequila if you make it in California, but if you could, it would be among the best."
$69; caskstore.com

5. Aquavit | House Spirits Krogstad Aquavit

"This savory aquavit is accented with caraway seeds and star anise, and it's the only one I stock."
$25; klwines.com

6. Whiskey | Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

"This small-batch whiskey has burnt-orange and vanilla notes and a rich, malty character. You can tell from the flavor that it's been given enough time to age and come together."
$63; boweryandvine.com

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