The Umami Manhattan
Where To Get It: Library Bar at the Roosevelt, Los Angeles;
The Flavor: Coffee-infused Cynar and bourbon flavored with candy-cap mushrooms tweak the classic combination of rye and sweet vermouth.

Border Crossing
Where To Get It: The Bent Brick, Portland, Oregon;
The Flavor: Tart beet shrub balances the robust fusion of apple brandy, smoked tea, and black pepper in this slow sipper.

The Miso Mule
Where To Get It: Bar Congress, Austin;
The Flavor: Japanese whiskey is tricked out with spicy radish, miso paste, and honey, then topped with Italian lemon soda. It's the staid highball revisited.

Flat Cap
Where To Get It: Scott & Co., Tucson, Arizona;
The Flavor: Blue cheese and peaty Irish whiskey achieve improbable harmony with raspberry syrup and lime juice in this crisp shaken cocktail.

Ground to Glass
Where To Get It: The Summit Bar, New York City;
The Flavor: This drink takes earthiness to a new level, harnessing silver tequila, red-pepper purée, and cucumber in a glass rimmed with hickory-smoked salt.

How To Make Any Drink Sparkle
Embraced by cocktail pros the world over, the Perlini Carbonating Cocktail System injects effervescence into drinks without the diluting effects of seltzer or sparkling wine. The easy-to-use pressurized cylinder is on hand at the Savoy in London and at Grant Achatz's Aviary in Chicago, where the bar staff keep a stockpile to fashion boundary-pushing bubbly creations. But Perlini also offers a version designed for home use.


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