Until lately, cocktail geeks and wine snobs had all the fun. But now brewers are crafting beers with the complexity of fine whiskey, the acidity of great champagne, and the bright flavors of a mixologist's special. "There are so many ways for brewers to innovate," says Greg Engert, beer director at ChurchKey in Washington, D.C. "Every day I put five new beers on tap, and every week I add 10 new bottles to the menu." With so much to be sampled, here's a guide to the most exciting trends brewing in the beer world.

1. The Best of Both Worlds: Beer-Wine Hybrids
Brewers are now supplementing their suds with vineyard-grown grapes—a win-win for wine and beer drinkers alike.

From left: Allagash Victoria Ale, Birra del Borgo L'Equilibrista, Blue Moon Vintage Blonde Ale, Cantillion Vigneronne, Dogfish Head Noble Rot