3. The Artisanal Import: Japanese Craft Beer

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale and Yoho Aooni

The experimental ethos of American craft brewing has spread to Italy, Scandinavia, and now Japan. Some riff on classics like IPA—try Ozeno Yukidoke at L.A.'s Lazy Ox Canteen or Yoho Aooni at Full Circle Bar in Brooklyn. Others rely on indigenous ingredients, such as Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale (on the list at Atlanta's Porter Beer Bar), flavored with heirloom rice, or Baird the Carpenter's Mikan Ale, served at Chicago's Bangers and Lace. It harnesses the pungency of the mikan fruit. As Ria Neri, the bar's beer director, says: "This is what makes Japanese beer so exciting—they use their resources."