1. If You Like: Grüner Veltliner
Then Try: 2009 Scholium Project Naucratis, a Verdelho-based vintage from the envelope-pushing Napa vintner Abe Schoener that's crisp, intense, and ripe with melon.
$20; scholiumwines.com

2. If You Like: Albariño
Then Try: 2010 Hatzidakis, a mineral-driven wine made from old-vine Assyrtiko on the Greek island of Santorini that combines richness with a bracing, almost spicy acidity.
$18; astorwines.com

3. If You Like: Pinot Grigio
Then Try: 2010 Casa D'Ambra Ischia Bianco for its piercing acidity and loads of citrus tones, made from Biancolella and Forastera grapes grown on a volcanic island off the coast of Naples.
$16; misterwrightfinewines.com

4. If You Like: Chardonnay
Then Try: 2010 Binigrau Nounat, a hefty, even blend of Chardonnay and Spain's indigenous Prensal grapes that makes you wish more Majorcan wine made it off the island.
$33; sussexwine.com

5. If You Like: White Burgundy
Then Try: 2007 Quinta das Bágeiras Garrafeira Branco, a Portuguese knockout made from Bical and Maria Gomes grapes that has pungent salinity and traces of mint and coconut.
$19; chambersstwines.com

6. If You Like: Sauvignon Blanc
Then Try: 2010 Wimmer-Czerny Wagram Roter Veltliner, an Austrian entry from an esoteric grape (no relation to Grüner Veltliner) that balances lush peach notes with slight acidity.
$18; chambersstwines.com

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