Cocktails have come a long way in the last 100 years. Hell, we've seen whole movements come and go in the last 10 years alone (hey, absinthe, we're talking to you). Yes, earnest bartenders still faithfully reproduce classics of yore, but mixologists (the fancier title) innovate more now, too. Thus, bars across the country make savory drinks, play with spices, incorporate beer, and add others flavors from kitchen (and even the grill). Below are the key trend reports, entertaining guides, and drink recipes all men should know—especially if you consider yourself a cocktail aficionado.

Cocktail Trends

The Rise of Medicinal Mixology: Cocktails that Treat 5 Symptoms
A 2010 University of Texas study showed that one to two drinks a day could increase longevity, and infusing them with curative ingredients can improve immunity and alleviate many ailments.

Shut Up and Drink Your Salad
The best ways to infuse spinach, kale, and arugula into your cocktails, and who makes the best ones.

The Cognac-Cocktail Comeback
The new mixology-friendly brands and how to use cognac in your cocktails.

The Many Forms of the Michelada: 4 New Tasty Beer Cocktails
The Michelada, which is barely a beer cocktail, tastes fantastic and is lower in alcohol than beer alone, and if you put it over ice you can get two drinks out of every can.

Three Cocktail Trends: Spotted at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic
The annual event is also where cocktail trends come alive—if people line up for it at the Cocktail Classic, it's probably coming soon to a bar near you. Here are three trends we spotted at this year's bash.

The Easy Summer Cocktail
Nine aperitifs and digestifs that need only ice or a twist.

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Entertaining Tips

Build a Better Home Bar
Upgrade your living-room cocktail service by stocking the best new arrivals from around the globe, then adding clever mixing tools and serving accessories.

How to Fix a Botched Drink
Death & Co. bartender Joaquín Simó shares tips for repairing a seemingly botched cocktail.

10 Snacks For Cocktail Parties
Sweet and savory dishes to impress even the most hard-core foodies.

Three Secrets to Mastering Cocktail Mixing from a Master Cocktail Mixer
How to get the most out of your fruits and herbs from Scott Beattie.

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