Drink Recipes

Daisies—The Next Great Cocktail Revival
A lost classic, the daisy, is being reinterpreted as the perfect refreshing summer drink.

The World's Best (and Strongest) New Cocktails
Overproof spirits are the mixologist's new weapon of choice—but these five libations are as refined and flavorful as they are powerful. Just remember to drink very responsibly.

Freaky Eggnog: Now at a Bar Now at a Bar Near You
For all the fuss we make about eggnog each winter, it's not a terribly complicated recipe. In fact it's so simple it's practically begging to be messed with.

Drink Like Gatsby: 5 Modern Updates of Jazz Age Cocktails
To honor director Baz Luhrmann's maximalist interpretation of the classic American novel (starring Leonardo DiCaprio), we asked five bartenders from across the country to send us modern-day upgrades of their favorite Jazz Age staples.

Tequila Cocktails
Conventional wisdom says that tequila works with sugar, salt, and lime juice, and that's about it. Fortunately, the bartenders at some of the country's top watering holes are challenging this notion.

Best Bars in the USA

Where to Drink in 2013
The craft cocktail movement isn't slowing down, but it is changing direction. In early 2013 a slew of new bars and cocktail-focused restaurants are opening, many of them from big names in the mixology scene who've saved up enough to open their own spots.

The Best New Bars in America
The surest way to impress is knowing the latest and greatest places to drink. From local favorites to the temples of master mixologists, here are the standouts.

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