Presumably, it has been a long time since your idea of hosting a party involved kegs and Doritos. There's nothing inherently wrong with beer and chips, of course. But if you're proud of your home and hope folks come back the next time you invite them over, you'd be well-served by paying some attention to detail, design, and delicacy. We're talking about food and drinks that taste like they were custom-made for the event (even if they weren't). You'll want to think about lighting and seating (maybe it's time to upgrade the lamps and chairs?). And you should greet your guests in threads that set the tone for the evening: casually elegant, strictly formal, or somewhere in between. Follow the advice below and you'll actually have fun at your own party—as will your guests. Perhaps you'll even convince others that you deserve an invitation to their swanky upcoming soirees, too.

What to Drink

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Gear and Décor

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What to Cook and Eat

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What to Wear

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