Seven Must-Try Dips & Exotic Breads

Master Fat
Fatty 'Cue | New York City
Duck, pork, beef, and chicken drippings from Zak Pelaccio's smoker create a concentrated cup of Master Fat (you wouldn't dare call it grease).

Green Basil Jam
Will | Philadelphia
A French baguette is the perfect sponge for Christopher Kearse's velvety green-basil jam, which is a blend of sugar, rich egg yolks, and basil oil.

Pimento Cheese
Roost | Houston
Kevin Naderi puts a Texas twist on Carolina Lowcountry's favorite spread, with Shiner Bock–washed Redneck Cheddar and a healthy dose of Tabasco.

Pork Butter
Husk | Charleston
Honey from nearby Wadamaw Island gives chef Sean Brock's butter-and-lard mixture its musky sweetness.

Tuna Pâté
Sitka & Spruce | Seattle
A slice of sourdough should be so lucky as to get a schmear of chef Matt Dillon's confit of albacore, butter, garlic, lemon, and anchovy, blended and topped with Aleppo pepper.

Whipped Lardo
Momofuku Ssäm Bar | New York City
Matthew Rudofker cures his own lardo, then beats it into voluminous white peaks before topping it with kochu karu, a Korean chili powder.

Scamorza White Bean Fonduta
Balena | Chicago
A mixture of four cheeses (ricotta, mascarpone, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and smoked scamorza) meets nutty-flavored beans in Chris Pandel's delicious dunk.

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Against the Grain: The Best Exotic Breads
Heirloom-obsessed bakers are now using ancient grains to create unusual—and unusually delicious—loaves.

Einkorn miche: At Runner & Stone in Brooklyn, Peter Endriss works a faintly sweet flour milled from einkorn, a tiny type of farro from Egypt, into a big, round French-style loaf.

Emmer Biscuits: An ancient staple crop with shout-outs in the Book of Exodus, emmer perfumes biscuits with its nutty flavor at Seth Caswell's aptly named Seattle eatery, Emmer & Rye.

Kamut bread: Legend says khorasan—a buttery-flavored wheat—was on Noah's ark. Today, called Kamut, it's used in a dark bread at Chad Robertson's Bar Tartine in San Francisco.

Pan de Quinoa: The Incas called it the mother of all grains—and Megan J. Vargas of Portland, Oregon, bakes Peruvian-beer-spiked, seed-studded quinoa bread at Andina.

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