Specialty Bars

The Air-Conditioned Nightmare at Rumba

Seattle's Rumba rocks a 1950s-Cuba vibe with more than 200 types of the sugarcane booze and the requisite Hemingway collection.

Barrel-Aged Cocktails
Proof and Provision
This subterranean Atlanta bar capitalizes on the craze for all things aged by brewing its own concoctions, including a six-week-old-rye Manhattan.

Gin Palace
At this steampunky hot spot in New York, nightlife maestro Ravi Derossi has gin and tonic on tap and more than 30 carefully chosen varieties of the namesake spirit on the back bar.

Tiki Drinks
Three Dots and a Dash
Beloved Chicago barman Paul McGee opened a tropical oasis, serving pro-level tiki tipples with evocative names like A Lonely Island in the Middle of a Foggy Sea.

Glendale Tap
The only thing this shabby, Midwest-style dive in Glendale, California, has in greater quantities than seventies paraphernalia is taps—there are 52 dispensing fresh brew.

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