Long neglected and without a place on the gastronomic bandwagon, the most important meal of the day has devolved into mere sustenance—a Greek yogurt on the go—even as we've become ever more obsessed with food. Well, pity breakfast no more: The country's most creative chefs have realized it's one of three chances a day they have to let their talents shine. "I look at it like we're creating a dinner menu that you can eat earlier in the day," says Top Chef Stephanie Izard, who highlights the meal at her Chicago neo-diner Little Goat. She's not the only one turning morning fare on its head. "Chefs are taking this food and making it really sexy and with real integrity," says Rob Newton of Seersucker in Brooklyn. And these culinary artists are now going to work early—to braise octopus, crisp chicken thighs, and even sous-vide French toast. It's time to set your alarm clock for a meal foodies can no longer afford to miss.

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