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Fat Elvis waffles at Little Goat Diner.

The Update: FAT ELVIS WAFFLES at Little Goat Diner, Chicago (above)
Stephanie Izard's new-school diner serves waffles made with house baker Greg Wade's sourdough starter. "We didn't want it to be too sweet," says Izard of the special batter. That innate tang (and salty bacon bits) keeps these banana-piled grids from feeling like dessert, even with the maple syrup and peanut butter. littlegoatchicago.com

Scrambled Eggs
The Update: ESPRESSO-MACHINE STEAMED EGGS at Buvette, New York City
At this all-day French gastropub in New York's West Village, the espresso machine makes macchiatos and eggs. "We crack two in a pitcher, add olive oil, butter, or crème fraîche, and steam them," says chef-owner Jody Williams about the country's softest, supplest scrambled eggs. ilovebuvette.com

Bagels and Lox
The Update: THE MAVEN at General Muir, Atlanta
"I'm really proud of my schmears," says chef Todd Ginsberg, whose punchy spreads (dill horseradish, scallion caper) accessorize the must-order platter of buttery lox, smoky sable, and seed-encrusted, crisp yet chewy bagels respectively cured, smoked, and baked in-house. thegeneralmuir.com

Yogurt Parfait
The Update: YOGURT & GRANOLA at Tertulia, New York City
"We make a slammin' bowl of yogurt and granola," says Spanish-food impresario Seamus Mullen. Both are crafted in-house; the granola has an Iberian twist, thanks to unusual grains (red and white quinoa, teff, flax), dried cherries, and Marcona almonds. tertulianyc.com

Fruit Salad
The Update: SEASONAL FRUIT at Early Bird, Orange County, California
At this breakfast hub, chef Frank DeLoach's seasonal fruit transcends its name: The fruits (like Ojai tangerines from DeLoach's farmer pals) are accessorized with nasturtium leaves, Mexican chili dust, and pomegranate molasses. earlybirdoc.com

Eggs Benedict
The Update: THE BISCUIT & THE EGG at SoBou, New Orleans
"This is the perfect dish for New Orleans," says chef Juan Carlos Gonzalez about his neo-Benedict heaped with hog—house-made boudin sausage and tasso ham—and topped with eggs and charred-chili hollandaise. sobounola.com

French Toast
The Update: CHOCOLATE CROISSANT FRENCH TOAST at Seersucker, Brooklyn
"It started out as a way to use leftover croissants," admits Rob Newton, the owner of the southern-food spot, about his French toast made of pastries soaked in custard and cooked in a water bath like a bread pudding before being crisped to order. seersuckerbrooklyn.com