Cookie, Meet Cream: 7 Mind-Blowing Sandwiches

State Bird Provisions
San Francisco

Save room for the rich chicory ice cream that's sandwiched between two macaroons, cut into perfect rectangles, and drizzled with fig-and-plum syrup and coconut-caramel sauce.

At this sleek Fort Point restaurant, the ice-cream-sandwich dessert comes with house-made coffee gelato. It lends a just-right bitter counterpoint to the crumbly sweetness of the two dark-chocolate cookies studded with white-chocolate chips.

Washington, D.C.

The pastel-colored treat from the chefs behind this Cleveland Park locavore haunt is red-beet ice cream, made using roasted beets steeped in milk and cream and mashed between two crisp ginger sugar cookies.

Roses Ice Cream
Portland, Oregon

This may be a classic Portland parlor, but innovation is on the menu in the form of the homemade-cinnamon-ice-cream-and-snickerdoodle sandwich, which wraps a dreamy, crunchy-smooth textural contrast in Christmas-scented flavors.
Left: Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

Los Angeles

This artisanal shop that emphasizes herbs, spices, flowers, and seasonal fruit flavors pairs brown-sugar-vanilla ice cream, made with whole vanilla beans, and thin chocolate wafers that provide firm bookends with a satisfying crunch.

Los Angeles

There are dozens of combinations at this food truck turned shop. But the peanut-butter, Cap'n Crunch, and molten-chocolate-cake sandwich is a fan favorite, folding ice cream swirled with fudge and soft brownie between two peanut-butter biscuits baked with the famously sweet cereal inside.


Two cookies made with dried cherries, sunflower seeds, and butterscotch morsels slathered with cardamom-infused buttercream provide a fruity complement to the caramelized-banana ice cream inside.

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Special Delivery: Essential Mail-Order Pints

This family-owned Chicago-area creamery is famous for its 10-year-old Madagascar vanilla.

Try Amish milk, Saigon cinnamon, or 50 other flavors from this Philly-based gelato outfit.

The 143-year-old Cincinnati shop has an unforgettable black-raspberry chocolate chip and a delicious summer peach.

Fill up with a pint of Askinosie dark milk chocolate from this cult brand based in Columbus, Ohio.

Go for a Brooklyn–meets–New Orleans small-batch pint of bourbon pecan pie.

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